Carbon Fiber Fabric Wrapping

BR Buildcare Solutions provides the Carbon Fiber Fabric Wrapping treatments for both the residential and the commercial buildings.

The Carbon Fiber Fabric Wrapping is a technique that is used to reinforce and strengthen the qualities of the concrete structures. The entire Fiber systems provide high tensile strength and are used as a shear reinforcement of the structure.

The Carbon Fiber is very light weight and extremely durable. The concrete wrap is resistant to extreme weather conditions and the adverse environmental conditions. Carbon Fiber wraps proffer convenient solutions to any structural repairs and is also used to in order to increase the strengthening needs.

The practical fact that, it has the ability to be applied in limited access area without any compromise with the strength. The light weight of the carbon fiber also ensures that it takes low installation time.

The best part about using BR Buildcare’s Carbon Fiber Fabric Wrapping is the treatment can be tailored as per the projects requirements. The affordable fiber treatment ensures that the structure gains the ultimate strength from every external adversity.