Chemical / Mechanical Anchoring

BR Buildcare Solution is known for providing the right kind of building services that eventually strengthen your construction in the long run. Since the inception of our company we hold this aim to provide the right kind of services to all our clients with the quality assurance.

Among our list of services, Chemical / Mechanical anchoring deserves special mention. We provide the anchoring solutions for transferring loads to the base structure as per your loading requirements. Our anchoring jobs find application in several things which are like fixing machine base plates, hand rails, fixation of the insertion plates. Our services are also used for the rehabilitation of the falling stones from the facades of the buildings. We also proffer stone cladding using fasteners and clamps.

Irrespective of the services we provide, BR Buildcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd makes sure that all the services are supervised by the experts’ professionals who holds years of knowledge about the services. At the same time, we also commit to our clients to provide quality service with the best price guarantee. Get in touch with our experts to understand which kind of anchoring solution would do just great for your construction needs.