Herbal cockroach repellent gel roachfree

Herbal cockroach repellent gel roachfree
Bait Repellent Gel 30g

RoachFree is a chemical-free pest-control strategy, safe for humans & Pets and the environment. Highly effective against all types of Cockroaches, RoachFree ECO Bait Gel is a non-toxic and natural Repellent.

Top 5 RoachFree benefits are.

  • Safe to people, children and pets
  • No unpleasant smell
  • ECO-friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Plant Extracts mixed with food grade ingredients

Herbal cockroach repellent gel roachfree

How RoachFree ECO-Bait works?

RoachFree ECO-Bait is produced using Plant Extracts as its primary active ingredient to eliminate roach colony.

Cockroach are attracted to natural food attractants in RoachFree bait. When roaches eat the bait, Organic Formulation acts slowly, allowing pests to bring more of the bait back to its nest to feed the young.

After it dies, the colony consumes its dead body eating the Organic Formulation that remains inside. Insects die from MDS (Metabolism Destruction System) when borates enter their digestive tracts after consuming bait or grooming themselves.

RoachFree effectiveness can be seen within 2 days of application. Daily RoachFree bait treatment can eliminate the whole roach colony in two weeks.

Where to apply Roach Free?

General Area

Apply bait gel amply behind and under the following: stove, refrigerators, sinks, washing machine, water pipe, sewers, manholes, electrical conduit, corners of cabinet, closets, Remove drawers from cabinets, apply freely into corners of drawer walls. Reapply every two to three months. Remove excess gel and dispose into garbage.

Cracks and Gaps Treatment

In food and feed handling establishment: Application is limited to crack and gaps treatment only in areas where food and feed are received, stored, prepared, packages (canning-boxing or wrapping). Care must be taken to avoid depositing this bait on serving surfaces where food and feed are processed.

Serving Area

In dining rooms, apply into cracks and gaps such as floor crevice and along gaps between wall and wall skirting. Avoid areas likely to be contacted by food.

Non Food Area

Apply to cracks and gaps and around water pipes in areas such as garbage rooms, mop closets, boiler rooms, and rest rooms.