Commercial & Residential Painting

BR Buildcare Solutions offers excellent services for Waterproofing Treatment, Industrial flooring, Polyurethane Coatings, Structural Repairs &strengthening Protective Coatings, Commercial & Residential Painting and Pest Control.

We offer consultative approach to our clients waterproofing and painting needs. Not only recognizes the importance of the aesthetics of your property, but also the need to protect it from the harsh and corrosive elements that deteriorate the buildings structure.

The services like painting and waterproofing that we provide are concerned mostly with the healing moisture intrusion and also deals with the causes for the failure of a structures envelope building components. The reason for the failures of the moisture is often due to the deterioration of the concrete structure, rustiness, spoiled concrete, and repairing cost paid for the declined walls which can be either interior or exterior.

We have a systematic and strategic approach like we have a team of consultants and design professionals to diagnose the failed buildings, which requires repair and restoration. The failure of the buildings is the phenomena of the fungi and mildew and other that consequently degrade the components of buildings.