Core Drilling

BR Buildcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come along with a range of Core drilling techniques at an affordable range. Depending on the client’s requirements, several different cuts are given using variety of dedicated instruments. Core drilling techniques are used when specific circular cuts are required.

Normally the holes that are made using the core drilling techniques are openings for plumbing, HVAC solutions, electrical installations and different other applications. With the use of the core drilling techniques holes of almost 60 ft can be easily drilled. Core drilling techniques are also used to create holes for routing cables or in order to place anchoring bolts, for the analysis of structures or to install load carrying bars.

The Core drilling services that we offer to our clients are done using the industry’s best methods under expert supervision. With extensive experience of years, we make sure that all our services are quality assured. Apart from the quality services, we also guarantee that we offer unmatched price for each of our services. Each and every service that we offer is tailored as per the client’s need. BR Buildcare Solutions, being a very customer centric organization assures complete supervision of the work by our industry experts, so that our service fulfills your expectations.