Epoxy Floor Coatings

BR Buildcare Solutions employees Epoxy Resin Coating technique, which is high performance, solvent free, high chemical resistant coating. To achieve various grades of slip resistance, include graded aggregate between coats.

Usually best suites for medium duty, such as Warehousing, Workshops, Bakeries, Garage Showrooms and areas of general industrial usage.

It has good abrasion and chemical resistance, which gives a flawless, hygienic and splendidly attractive finish.

Flooring Preparation Process

The most crucial part of industrial flooring is Surface preparation. It is important to provide a hygiene and textured floor surface to provide a flawless key for our epoxy floor coatings,. This prevents deboning and ensures good wear and long life, especially in an industrial environment.

In process of preparation for new or old industrial floor uses the shot blasting, diamond grinding and floor scarification preparation systems. Which are dust free systems that surpass all other systems in terms of hygiene, comfort and control. Eliminates the use of acid and other hazardous cleaning chemicals.

BR Buildcare Solutions own specialist equipment and employees takes care of all surface preparation services, thus ensuring maximum quality, efficiency and service.