Herbal lizard repellent gel lizfree

Repellent Gel 30g

LizFree is dynamic Organic Repellent to control Lizards. It is safe to your kids, pets and the applicator due to non-toxic composition of the Gel and is also Friendly to the environment.

It has active Plant Extracts , food-grade ingredient that acts as a dynamic contact irritant.

How LizFree Works for you?

LizFree is scientifically proven to irritate the Eye, Mouth of the Lizard
that comes close to a meter area of the LizFree Gel, its Eyes,
Mouth gets irritated by the
ORGANIC FUMES released by the Gel and gets Repelled.

Activation Time : The Organic Formulation Takes Seven Days for 90% Results & Complete relief with in 15 Days form the day of application.

How To Use : LizFree Repellent gel can be applied in a small pea size droplets at out side & Inside areas with a distance of one feet between each pea size droplets.

Caution : Never clean or wipe the gel droplets with any cleaning agents…….
Avoid application on porous surface like unpainted concrete and wood surface as they may absorb mineral oil from LizFree, making it ineffective. The solution for this is to apply on adhesive tape or metal sheet available from hardware store that acts as an absorption barrier.

Top 5 LizFree benefits are.

  • Safe to people, children and pets
  • No unpleasant smell
  • ECO-friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Plant Extracts mixed with Organic Oils.

LIZFREE Repellent gel does not kill lizards