Micro Concrete Jacketing

BR Buildcare Solutions has come forward with the innovative solutions of Micro Concrete Jacketing. Micro concrete is ready to use mixture that is made strictly under quality control in the factories. The concrete attains the ultimate strength and thereby protects every structure from the adversities. In the entire process of micro concrete jacketing there is no scope for any chloride admixtures, therefore it gains the rapid strength to facilitate early reinstatement.

BR Buildcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd, being very much customer focused, we tailor every project requirements as per the client’s expectation. Under the Micro Concrete Jacketing services, we provide the surface and the roof, a layer of coating of the micro concrete so as to improve the strength and eventually empower your structure with strength. The micro concrete that is used for the jacketing service is prepared using quality cement and other additives to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality as long as services are concerned.

There are several advantages of using BR Buildcare Solution’s Micro concrete Jacketing that includes the self flowing ability of the jacket. In addition it is ready to use and have gaseous expansion quality too and all that comes at an affordable price.