Protective & Floor Coatings

Protective Coatings

BR Buildcare Solutions holds a variety of Protective Coatings Methods. Protective coatings are meant to provide a layer of protection from anything that could spoil the working or the integrity of an item. These protective coatings are used for various applications in industrial and domestic sectors. In the terms of protective coating in industrial sector is applied to steel, concrete, and other materials. In the terms of protective coating in domestic sector, the coatings are applied on the walls and the floors, to ensure protection from moisture, water and humidity.

Floor Coatings

BR Buildcare Solutions offers a range of Floor Coatings forms. A water based coat is the best suitable coat for all types of floors. It fetches a good look and elegant finish. These coatings make the floor durable and wear resistant. Moreover these coatings are used in the industries to enhance the beauty of the interiors.