PU Injection

BR Buildcare Solutions is acknowledged to provide professional polyurethane (PU) grout injection that helps in refurbishment of the concrete and the masonry structures. Polyurethane Injection (PU Injection) is used to stop water infiltration and seal joints. The PU injection is further categorized into two categories- Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic.

Both the categories are different from each other and have distinct benefits. Hydrophobic PU Injection is water activated, flexible and hardly gets affected from dryness or water. The great adhesion employed on the wet or dry concrete makes the hydrophobic grout polyurethane injection the best choice for sealing and infiltrating water in moist applications with varying cycles. Water infiltration, however due to water being a component of the product’s chemical structure, unlike hydrophobic grouts, wet and dry cycles may cause the material to shrink and swell. Hydrophilic PU Injection is cured upon reaction to water. The procedure is quite flexible too.

There are several applications for which PU injection is chosen as a treatment by BR Buildcare solutions, which include defective concrete, brick and limestone joints, pipe intrusions, drinking water reservoirs, tunnels, dams, concrete joints, manholes and sewages. With years of expertise, we understand the client’s requirements and thereby commit to deliver to exceed their expectations.