Rebar Anchoring

BR Buildcare Solutions have come along with a range of Rebar Anchoring services at the unparallelled price with quality assurance services. We proffer our customers with the Chemical grouting services so as to add additional steel reinforced for extension of the already concrete structure by drilling relevant diameter hole using the hammer drill system.

With prolonged experience in providing services, we understand the client’s requirement and our commitment to deliver services that exceed their expectations. In order to reinforce the steel bars, we also use specialized injection techniques and high strength chemicals. Rebar casting can be done into concrete as if the grouting of large sized foundation bolts.

All our services including Rebar Anchoring are done using the best industry methods with the quality guarantee. We make sure that our services are completely tailored to suit your needs, our experts understand which service is actually needed to strengthen your structure. So far we have worked with several industries and have ensured that BR Buildcare Solutions gives the best possible solution to all your needs. You can just get in touch with us to consult your matter, we make sure that we provide the best kind of consultation followed by services at the most competitive price.