Water Proofing

We are specialized in application of high quality waterproofing systems, waterproofing of terrace, basement sunken area, swimming pool, Bathroom, Toilet, sump, overhead, basement tank, etc. We always hold our principle to provide the clients with the excellent product quality and the best service with the very competitive price in the market.

  • Crystallization Waterproofing, Acrylic Cementitious Waterproofing,
  • Green Building Waterproofing System.
  • Polyurethane elastomeric Water proofing membrane
  • Synthetic Plasticized PVC Membrane waterproofing.
  • Elastomeric Waterproofing, Epoxy, Pu Injection system.
  • Hydro Swelling Water bar for Joints.
  • Epoxy tile grouts,
PVC MEMBRACE Waterproofing

PVC Thermoplastic waterproofing membrane is a high polymer waterproof material, which is processed by using the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin (PVC) as the base material, mixing with plasticizers, UV absorbers and other additives. This membrane is polyester reinforced, which provides high breaking and tearing strength needed to prevent excessive elongation and sheet deformation under the stresses produced by the lifting of the membrane under wind loads.


Dimensional stability.
Tension resistance.
Puncture resistance.
Very good resistance to:putrefaction,natural aging, weathering, U.V. radiation and against swollen
Excellent flexibility.


Limits the deformation and tensions caused by the high temperatures and thermal breaks on the waterproofing system.
Good structural movement absorption.
Presents a good puncture protection against possible mechanical damage, raised from the occasional pedestrian transit on flat roofs.
Very high durability with respect to potential chemical impairments.
High ability to adapt to the different decks