Water Proofing

We are highly qualified in applications of best quality waterproofing systems, Waterproofing of terrace basement, Swimming Pool, Wash Rooms , Sump, Overhead, Basement Tanks etc.

We Provide Economic Solution & Quality Services to our Customers.

  • Crystallization Waterproofing, Acrylic Cementitious Waterproofing,
  • Green Building Waterproofing System.
  • Polyurethane Elastomeric Water proofing membrane.
  • Synthetic Plasticized PVC Membrane Waterproofing.
  • Elastomeric Waterproofing, Epoxy, Pu Injection System.
  • Hydro Swelling Water bar for Joints.

Application Areas

  • Terrace Building
  • Sloppy Roof
  • Bath Room and Kitchen
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basement & Water Tanks

BR Buildcare Solutions Water Proofing Solutions

BR Buildcare Solutions comes along with a host of Water Proofing solutions that is cost effective and gives effective solution from water leakage, which is often a major problem in household, offices and commercial complexes. Our list of water proofing solutions is inclusive of-

Water Tanks Proofing

Due to age or extreme weather conditions, overhead water tank often gets damaged, which could be treated internally or externally, depending on the situation.

The internal treatment is done by breaking the loose plaster/ cover concrete treating the reinforcement against corrosion and converting the corroded steel (rust) to steel that can carry load through chemical treatment. As we satisfy with the strength of the steel reinforcement, which is the primary load bearing member in the water tank, we cover it with the concrete or plaster depending on the site conditions.

Membrane Water Proofing

Membrane acts as the barrier that acts a water proofing layer between the tank and the roof, eventually protecting the roof from the penetration of water to the roof structure. The membrane water proofing is mainly required for roof lawns, parking decks, and ramps and alike. Different treatments are given to different membrane problems. Each materials has different characteristic and their method of application is also different. Based on the roofing material and the condition of the roof, the suitable material is chosen for the treatment, which could vary. The membrane roofing comes with several advantages such as flexible, non-toxic, seamless t name a few.

Terrace Water Proofing

BR Buildcare Solutions provides Terrace water proofing solutions as well. This treatment comes in two vital steps- Crack filling of the terrace and applying screen based polymer coating. With each of the step, high professionalism is required to ensure overall water proofing. Extensively experienced BR Buildcare Solutions professionals ensure that each of our customers get the best of terrace water proofing services. Our services are also meant to reduce heat by almost up to 50%.

Crystalline Water Proofing

For a better water proofing services, a mixture of acrylic and cement applied on the concrete or the cement surfaces in layers is supposed to be the best. The structures include the Hydro electric projects, industrial buildings and normal office/ commercial/ residential buildings often opt for the crystalline water proofing. The screen applied over the coating, is known for providing better life to the water proofed surface for better usage.

EPDM Membrane Water Proofing

EPDM membrane is extremely light weight and durable which makes it perfect for several roofing solutions. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, it also has exceptional elasticity that makes sure it will not split under any normal building movement. EPDM is easy to install, effective and high performance water proofing solutions for contemporary structures. The cost effectiveness of the EPDM solutions is yet another advantage.

External Wall Water Proofing

External Wall Water proofing is required for areas that are mostly rainfall prone. Due to heavy monsoon or rainfall, several cracks are formed in the wall which ultimately grows dip on the exposed wall surfaces. Therefore, BR Buildcare Solutions comes along with the adequate external wall water proofing services. While providing the service, our professionals make sure that the looks of the building is not compromised while the service satisfies the clients and the filling of the crack is done completely.

Swimming Pool Water Proofing

For swimming pool water proofing, the use of external slab membrane is highly used which is also known as sandwich membrane. This is basically a liquid or sheet membrane that goes in between two layers of the concrete. These protect the underlying leveling mortars and concrete shells from water. Chlorinated rubber paint is also used as an effective method of swimming pool water proofing. This paint is applied in thin layer as opposed to different paints.

All our professionals are well versed with the fundamentals of water proofing, therefore ensures a complete protection form the hazards of water leakage at an affordable pricing.

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